Why designers will have to be concerned within the law-making procedure

Lawmakers are disconnected from the innovation scene

Take a look at the congressional hearing of both Facebook and Google: we can notice the disconnection between the lawmakers and new technology. It is not surprising because most of them are the older generation which is statistically not the target market of any of those technologies nor they belong to “Innovator,” “Early adopter,” or “Early Majority.” (Please see Law of Diffusion of innovation). Without extensive research, it would be difficult for these people to arm with the right knowledge and perspective to speak in congress on behalf of the people (user).

Legacy law-making process as the major issue

Most countries are still using a law-making system established decades ago, that is multi-layered and lengthy in process. As a result, it is time-consuming, prone to cognitive bias and inconclusive to a wider perspective. While we have seen digital transformation happening across industries, little do we see that happens in this area.

  1. General users and businesses are not protected in the unregulated market. (i.e. privacy, physical safety, fraud)
  2. Not having the right perspective in regulation-making may not fulfill end-users’ needs.
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