Summer time Area’s Paige DeSorbo Talks Conceivable Engagement

Paige DeSorbo is not one to dwell on past flames.

In this exclusive clip from Friday’s Pop of the Morning, the Summer House star discusses the future of her current relationship with Perry Rahbar and explains why last year’s on-again, off-again fling with Bravo co-star Carl Radke didn’t breed tension between herself and Lindsay Hubbard (whose present entanglements with Radke came up during Wednesday night’s season premiere).

“Honestly, I didn’t care at all,” she tells POTM‘s Lilliana Vazquez, Scott Tweedie and Victor Cruz, responding to a question about how she felt returning to the Hamptons with a serious boyfriend, knowing Radke would be there as well.

“We had a thing, and then it was over,” she continues. “And I am very much the type of person that, like, if we didn’t work out. I’m done now. I can’t go back and forth.”

Noting that she and Radke became “very good friends” while filming Summer House‘s latest season, DeSorbo underscores the absence of any ill will toward Hubbard, who recently spoke to E! about exploring a more-than-friends dynamic with Carl onscreen in season four.

As for her own romance updates? DeSorbo relayed an interesting request from her beau during Wednesday night’s episode, saying he’d asked her to maintain a steady manicure throughout 2020.

“I think he wants to put a ring on a special finger,” the influencer and style aficionado tells POTM. “But I always have my nails painted. So, I was like, ‘OK, bro. I’ll just do me, all the time.'”

Hear DeSorbo’s impressions of Summer House‘s new cast members in the full interview clip above!

Watch a new episode of Summer House next Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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