Looking for Party Inspiration? Try Throwing a Bingo Party at Home

If you’ve decided to have a party, it’s a great idea to choose a theme. This idea gives you and your guests a focus and everything from the food to the drinks and the entertainment can be linked

For a night that’s full of fun and plenty of laughs, why not hold a bingo party at home? Your first mental image for the word bingo may be a group of grannies sitting in the local bingo hall with their dabbers at the ready. But bingo has really undergone a big transformation in recent years. Around the turn of the millennium, bingo went online and suddenly got trendy again. It’s now a game that is played by millions of people of all ages.

Steps for setting up a bingo party

1. Bingo is a great game for a party.

Any game of bingo works well for a group to play together, but it could be particularly efficient to enjoy bingo online together, as everyone can log in and get involved. There are also so many different rooms from which to choose (that’s right, you can play a Deal or No Deal-themed variety of bingo) and games ranging from 30 up to 90 balls – which can all work well, providing whatever you think your ideal pace for a party of people to get stuck into is!

A big or small group can play just as easily. If you play online, the games pretty much take care of themselves. You just decide which games to play and joining the same games will mean you all have access to the bingo chat room, where you can trade some jokes as the game progresses. Of course, there are some amazing jackpots up for grabs with the online games, too. You never know, someone could have a really big win at your bingo party. And even if nobody wins, you’ll still all have had a great time playing.

2. Plan the food and drink.

While you want to make sure your guests are all well-fed and watered at the party, you probably don’t want a sit-down dinner as that will take time and distract you from the main point of the night – playing bingo!

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A finger-food buffet set up on a table is ideal and there are lots of different foods which would allow you to extend the bingo theme. Cakes and puddings are especially bingo-friendly. Bingo cupcakes are really easy to decorate. Just have a range of different colour cases, white icing on the tops and then pipe on any numbers from 1-90 or create little icing bingo tickets to rest on the tops.

As for drinks, as well as the usual selection you’d have at a party, why not greet guests with a bingo cocktail? This is a refreshing mix of vodka, orange liqueur, apricot syrup and soda water

3. Decorations

There are lots of different ways to decorate your home for a bingo party night, especially if you use old-fashioned bingo props such as bingo cards and dabbers. Check out the ideas on pinterest on table decorations, for example. Making a bingo banner or two is a quick and easy way to decorate the rooms you’ll be using. Check out these instructions and have a hole punch at the ready.

Setting up a bingo party at home is fun and easy. You can go to town on the decorations and overall bingo theme with the food and drink if you want or you can opt to keep it nice and simple. It really depends on how much time you have to get organised! The most important thing is to get your ‘eyes down’ and have some fun.


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