Easy Guidelines for Converting Channels and Menus on a Usual DISH Receiver

Listed below are some easy guidelines for converting channels and working a regular receiver’s menu. Issues that are not evident will have to be offered. Another way, how is any person meant to understand those choices even exists. Let’s move over working procedures for converting channels and the usage of the menu.

  • Converting Channels

There are 3 fundamental techniques to switch channels whilst looking at a program:

Press the far off keep watch over UP or DOWN ARROW button to get to the specified channel.

Use the far off keep watch over quantity pad buttons to go into the specified channel quantity.

Press the GUIDE button and choose a program from the Program Information.

Press the ARROW button to the appropriate to view the browse banner with out converting this system that you’re looking at.

  • The usage of the Menu

Menus displayed at the TV display screen make the usage of the receiver and deciding on systems fast and simple. Use the menus to keep watch over the receiver and to make use of its options, equivalent to atmosphere locks, opting for a program, or making a Favorites Record.

  • Opening the Menus

You’ll be able to open the menus in both of 2 techniques:

Press menu to open the Primary Menu, choose any of the opposite menus from the Primary Menu.

Use the matching button at the far off keep watch over. As an example, to open the Program Information, press GUIDE.

  • Last the Menus

To near a menu and go back to looking at a program, press the far off keep watch over VIEW TV button, or the far off keep watch over CANCEL button.

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NOTE: The menu closes if you don’t do anything else in a menu for a number of mins. Any unsaved adjustments you made will likely be misplaced.

  • Menu Choices

When you choose a menu choice, that choice takes impact immediately. You’ll be able to choose a menu choice in both two techniques:

If the choice has a bunch subsequent to it, press the quantity at the far off keep watch over quantity pad that fits this quantity. In the event you do that, you do not want to focus on the choice first.

Transfer the spotlight to the menu choice the usage of the far off keep watch over Arrow buttons. Then press the far off keep watch over SELECT button.

Lists of Possible choices within the Menus

When you’re making a call in a listing, the receiver does no longer follow the alternate till you choose the Save or OK choice. If you do not need to avoid wasting any adjustments, choose the Cancel way to discard the entire adjustments made within the menu.

There are two varieties of lists:

A unmarried selection listing permits you to make a choice just one selection at a time. If you choose another option, your earlier selection is deselected.

A a couple of selection listing permits you to make a choice multiple selection at one time. If you choose another option, your earlier selection(s) remains decided on.

Highlighting a Selection in a menu listing

Use the far off keep watch over ARROW buttons to transport the spotlight to the specified merchandise within the listing. The black arrows at the listing display you the place you’ll be able to transfer the spotlight.

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Settling on a Selection in a Menu listing

To make a choice a call in a listing, spotlight the selection after which press the far off keep watch over SELECT button. You should definitely choose the Save or OK way to save your selection. Choose Cancel way to discard your selection.

Canceling a Process

To cancel a process, you will have to press the far off keep watch over CANCEL or VIEW TV button prior to you do the closing step of the process. If this doesn’t paintings, you will have to end the process.

The view TV button is the quickest method to get again to looking at TV. Guidelines like those permit you to perform the menu and navigate the channels. I emphasize finding out steps like those to extend the consumer revel in. I imagine the whole thing in lifestyles is healthier after we perceive its true function.

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