Thailand dead elephants: Officials try to retrieve our our bodies

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Thailand DNP

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Thai govt believe the herd fell after having a look to have the same opinion a baby elephant

Officials wish to retrieve the our our bodies of six elephants that fell to their deaths while having a look to save lots of each other from a waterfall in Thailand, warning that they pose a water contamination likelihood.

Khao Yai National Park officers have prepare a web downstream from the our our bodies to prevent them from attaining a vital dam.

The elephants died after falling from a notorious waterfall known as Haew Narok (Hell’s Fall).

Two others were rescued on Saturday.

Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) discussed officials were referred to as to the scene on Saturday at 03:00 local time (20:00 GMT on Friday) when a number of elephants used to be as soon as seen blocking a boulevard by way of the waterfall.

three hours later, the body of a three-year-old elephant used to be as soon as spotted with reference to the ground of Haew Narok, and five others were found out inside of sight.

The two surviving elephants were came upon struggling on a rock. A park skilled prompt the BBC on Monday that officers were monitoring their tracks and were confident they’d been safe, on the other hand pros have warned that their long-term survival could also be tough as elephants rely on large herds for defense and finding foods.

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Media captionSix dead elephants were came upon at the bottom of the gushing Haew Narok waterfall

“The next problem is take the carcasses from the river. Six of them are however throughout the river and the river could also be very tough now,” the pro discussed.

“We are using rope across the river and have a large number of other people helping together to retrieve the carcasses.”

Edwin Wiek, founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, prompt the BBC the rescuers “hope to get the carcasses to an area where they can lift them with a backhoe (an excavating digger) and bury them there.”

“The decomposing our our bodies can also be too smelly and spread of sickness is a concern,” he added.

Saturday’s incident is not the principle of its kind at Haew Narok. A herd of eight elephants died after falling from the waterfall in 1992, in a case that offered national attention.

Officials are in reality searching for to prevent further incidents from going down someday.

Natural Assets and Atmosphere Minister Varawut Silpa-archa has ordered the advance of a barricade to prevent animals from falling into the waterfall and referred to as for foods banks to be prepare around the park to be able to prevent foods scarcity which is in a position to reason why animals to approach dangerous spots, in line with the Bangkok Publish.

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